What are the conditions for which you can help?

We provide help for major psychiatric diseases like dementia, schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, addictions like alcoholism, anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, sleep problems, sexual dysfunctions, behavioral problems in children, learning disabilities, etc.


What all could you do during an online consultation?

We will take a detailed history from the patient and the family members, and do a detailed Mental Status Examination of the patient to arrive at a diagnosis. We may request you consult any local doctor to get a physical examination, or to get some laboratory investigations done from any center in your locality. Based on the results of all these, we may recommend the appropriate medications the patient can take. If we feel the patient needs any counselling or psychotherapy, we will do that online.


What software and equipment do I need to avail a video consultation?

Video consultations are conducted via free software like VSee, Skype, FaceTime and Meetings.io. Meetings.io does not require any software downloads, and the others in the list can be downloaded by clicking the respective links. You will need a webcam/video camera and microphone compatible with the software you choose. You will also need a broadband internet connection (DSL, cable, T1 or higher).


Will you prescribe medications? How will I get them?

Our Psychiatrists are licensed to prescribe to people from India. If they feel that medications are necessary for your patient, they will e-mail you the prescription as a PDF file.


My patient is not ready to visit any Psychiatrists, online or offline. Is it possible that I give you the details online, you suggest me the medications, and I give them to him without his knowledge?

We sympathize with you, but our answer is no. Better consult any Psychiatrist in your locality and describe the situation to him. He should be able to provide you some useful suggestions.


Will my consultation remain confidential?

Yes. We assure you that -

    1. Our team will never share the details of you or your consultation with anyone.
    2. Only the members of our treating team will read your emails.
    3. We will not store your phone numbers in our phones.
    4. No other person will be allowed in the room from which our members consult you over video or chat.
    5. If you make the payment through PayPal, your card statement will mention our name as OPI only
    6. We will not record videos of any consultations.

However, we should keep in mind that there is always a security risk when data is transmitted over internet, and it won't be possible for us or any agency to fully ensure that data shared online can never be accessed by anybody else.


Do I have the freedom to choose any particular member of your treating team for my patient?

No. We will pick one of our professionals for you based on their availability, the kind of interventions needed for your patient, and the languages known to your patient.


I am extremely interested in availing your services, but do not have sufficient money to pay you. Do you offer any free consultations?

We would definitely like to help you. However, you should understand that it won't be possible for us to verify anyone's online claims of poverty. What we would suggest is, you pay for the first consultation. If, during the first assessment, we are convinced that you are not in a position to pay us for furthur sessions, we can do the follow up consultatins for free or charge you only a smaller fee.


After the video consultation, can I get a medical certificate stating that my patient has mental illness?

No. To give certificates, one has to do a much more intensive assessment which is not possible in online consultations.


Do you provide any emergenecy services?

No. We provide consultations based on prior appointments only. If the patient need emergency care, like he is violent or suicidal, immediately consult any available facilities in your area.


Will you refund my money if I am not satisfied with your services or if the patient does not improve?

No. Avail our services only if you are satisfied by the credentials of our professional team provided in this site. No qualified health care professional will ever "guarantee" a cure for any serious medical condition.


Would you treat children or adolescents?

Yes. But the service should be requested and purchased by their parents or legal guardians.


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